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    Change is fuel for growth

Transformational Change is Fuel for Innovative Growth

LUPO Ventures has positioned itself at the center of transformational change in the identification, development and distribution of innovative technologies for leading enterprise software platforms serving virtually every major enterprise on the planet.

We’ve done it before. We’re doing it again….but this time, we’re helping to change the playing field.

Our Formula…Simplified


Good Products



Critical Mass & Consolidation

Professional Sales Capability

Cross-Selling Strategies

Leadership and Management

Geographic Reach and Execution

Working Capital

Financial Controls and Discipline

Investments in New Technologies

Modern Branding & Marketing



Made in Germany

  • German Engineering
  • SAP Ecosystem Access
  • Existing Customers
  • Focused Application

Silicon Valley Expertise

  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Access to Growth Capital
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Leadership & Management

Best Practices

  • Cost Optimization
  • Financial Controls
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Repeatable Process

Radical thinking or transformational change?

We believe it’s time for some innovative growth.

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